Fall Youth Football Training

TNT Academy is thrilled to announce the revival of our youth football training program. Following the success of our summer training sessions, and a brief intermission, we are ready to welcome our young athletes back to our facility. Our focus remains on nurturing well-rounded players, and in pursuit of this goal, we are committed to instructing them in every skill position, with the exception of the QB position. This comprehensive approach ensures a deep comprehension of both offensive and defensive aspects of the game. As always, our training regimen will incorporate competitive drills, allowing athletes to apply their acquired skills in practical scenarios.

This autumn, we are introducing an enhanced training model for our young athletes, one that integrates visual learning. Each session will commence with curated clips and video breakdowns related to the day’s focus. By illustrating how our teachings directly translate to in-game situations, we offer students a tangible link between instruction and application. Furthermore, this strategy underscores the professional-grade techniques we impart, aligning with the standards of top-tier football. This approach is poised to elevate their game IQ by dissecting the mechanics and rationale behind every move.

A novel inclusion in our program is the issuance of monthly evaluations to each participating athlete. These assessments will provide valuable insights into individual progress, highlighting areas that demand attention and showcasing strides made. We are genuinely enthused about reconnecting with our familiar faces and extending a warm welcome to new enthusiasts. Here’s to an exciting season ahead!

Classes are scheduled to commence on September 5th, immediately following Labor Day. Our class sessions are set for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays every week. Don’t miss out – registration is currently open and ready for you to secure your spot!