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What makes TNT Academy different?

The “TA Way” is a mentality. You’re able to humble yourself, be coachable, have continued curiosity to perfect your craft, and a commitment to trusting the process. Taking the time to map out your goals and execute on what is needed to achieve them, even if it requires sacrifices. A commitment to compete no matter what and leaving nothing in the tank. You will walk with confidence, knowing that you have prepared for any obstacle that may come your way and apply what you have learned to ensure success.

TNT Academy is a true athlete development program. Whether you’re lacing up your cleats for the first time or are an elite athlete looking to add that extra edge to your game, we have a way of fundamentally developing you as an athlete. Our staff has NFL and collegiate football experience as well as being certified trainers to provide you the ultimate package.

We pride ourselves on following the process and developing not only great athletes but durable athletes as well. Our football protocols teach our athletes how to play safe within the sport. Our speed, agility, and strength protocols focus on performance recovery. This ensures we are able help our athletes reach their optimal levels of performance, while focusing on recovery and teaching methods of preventive care to create a pain free athlete.

Most importantly, TNT Academy is a family! We take pride in knowing ALL our athletes. We take an individualized approach, “We can’t train you, if we don’t know you.”

Once you join TNT, you have joined a community of athletes from different backgrounds that have a commitment to being the best and supporting one another in one shared goal of success.

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